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AADdesk.com is a way to display and share aviation products and services through a comprehensive online B2B platform. The global aviation market can feel vast with areas that feel out of reach. Without the correct tools, it's difficult to provide your aviation products and services to the needs of every country even if there is a large number of remote operators, namely in the Asia-Pacific region.

The first step is simply about trust. By registering your account with all the necessary information, operators browsing AADdesk.com can take confidence in your product by reading your company profile on our website. With our brand name backing your information, your potential customers will have a more secure state of mind when selecting your inventory.

The second step is uploading your products and services. Our platform accepts all forms of material such as aviation inventory, product information (for OEMs and agents), PMA data, or maintenance capabilities.

AADdesk.com has staff working in offices located worldwide that are experienced in professional marketing in order help our operators on what they require and to pursue new suppliers. AADdesk.com is a hub that already has over 600 aircraft manufacturers, over 30,000 aviation manufacturers, over 1,400 commercial airlines, numerous official and universal airlines, over 2900 fight training schools, and over 11,000 aircraft component maintenance firms. All of which are able to relax at home in confidence that their products are being promoted and sold to distant countries.

AADdesk.com is a powerful and specially designed platform that requires no technical knowledge in order to be properly operated that features a secure inquiry and quotation system, order management system, out of storage management system, claim system, and maintenance system - all designed to help increase our user's productivity up to 80%. In order to help lower your overall risk, AADdesk.com is able to assist by purchasing goods or pay the purchase on the promise that an operator will purchase the product - allowing users to rest easy. With these features, we are able to provide a solid foundation and allow users to experience immediate results.

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